Landscape Maintenance

Having an attractive and appreciated landscape requires more work than simply having one designed and installed. Your property requires maintenance to ensure a clean, healthy, and long lasting landscape. Combining a variety of different services, we will make sure that your landscape is always looking its best for the present and the future. We offer different seasonal services as well as a general clean up or a preventative service.

Seasonal Services:

  • Monthly maintenance program including mowing, pruning, cleaning of flower beds.
  • Application of natural fertilizers to provide essential nutrients to the landscape.
  • Modifying services as seasons change i.e. leaf blowing, branch removal, storm damage.
  • General Clean Up – Provide a complete clean up of the landscape.
  • Mow grass, clean leaves, remove any unwanted vegetation and apply natural fertilizers
  • Preventative Services – Prep your landscape for the seasonal changes
  • Removal of any dangerous trees or branches
  • Remove invasive vegetation
  • Apply natural fertilizers to sustain plant health through the winter months
  • Snow/ Ice Removal- Preventative measures to eliminate icy surfaces
  • Removal of snow from the property
  • Providing safety to you and anyone else that might be on your property