Installing a professional sprinkler system is the most effective and efficient way to water your landscape. A properly installed system will provide complete coverage for the landscape while reducing costs and waste. The Sprinklers Only staff consists of well experienced and trained personnel that carefully plan and prepare each and every project to create an ideal system to meet any customer’s needs. Each system can be completely customizable and we provide a number of ways to satisfy the requests of our customers:


We provide a variety of professional products to accomodate your watering needs.

  • Rotary Heads – Large areas
  • Fixed Heads – Medium to Small areas
  • Drip Irrigation – Flower Beds, Planted Pots, Hanging Baskets

We design and develop the best system based off of customer specifications and budget 

  • Advise ideal products for complete coverage of the landscape
  • Plan according to time and budget – Multiple phases if needed
  • Proper spacing to ensure head-to-head coverage


Controllers are programmed to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Proper daily zone timing
  • Frequency of weekly system operation
  • Solar Sync weather sensor automatically adjusts controller settings based on weather pattern