Irrigation Repair

Nothing can be more frustrating than a malfunctioning sprinkler system. Fixing your system quickly and professionally is important to us. We can respond to your needs quickly and get your system up and running again. Our knowledgeable, professional technicians will assess your system’s problems and perform the necessary repairs quickly. We will examine all aspects of your system during our visit to ensure reliable present and future system operation.

To keep your system in working order we recommend our yearly maintenance services:

  • Spring Start Up: We return in the spring to charge your system back up, cut excess debris from around the sprinkler heads which allows the system to work properly with maximum coverage.
  • Mid-Yearly: We perform a complete system inspection making sure all heads are adjusted properly, that the debris is cleared around heads and controller settings are adjusted if necessary.
  • Winterization: We use compressed air to blow the water out of all sprinkler lines, heads, and backflow devices to prevent damage from freezing weather
  • Backflow Testing: Most cities require their residents, with backflow devices, to have their backflow device tested yearly to ensure the device is working properly. We have certified testers whom can perform this test and will report results to the proper representatives for you.

All of these services can be performed and purchased separately or we also offer annual contracts which include discounted rates the more services you request and pay for in advance. These services are to make sure your system is working properly and to prevent future damages. Contact our office and we can send you more information about pricing.